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*Certified Massage Therapist*

*California State Certified Massage Therapist*

*Certified Cupping Specialist*


Michelle Pena is a Silicon Valley College graduate of 2001. She graduated with high honors as Massage Therapist/Holistic Health Specialist. Michelle has always demonstrated the highest level of commitment, communication and education to all of her patients. Michelle has brought her dedication and life’s passion to the city of Pleasanton where she was raised.

Michelle engages patients in a partnership that allows them to learn the underlying cause of their problem and how massage therapy can help. Everyone is built to be healthy, but many people live with health concerns without understanding that massage therapy does so much more than just relax the body.
Michelle’s mission is to give 100% commitment to all of her patients while educating; teaching and helping them learn how to live a healthier and pain-free life style. 

Michelle will work with patients who are under chiropractic, physical therapy or doctor’s care. “I believe that when I take a patient under my wing and they are being helped by another healthcare professional that it is the most important for me to be involved with their healthcare provider. Working with their healthcare provider as a team will get them the most healthy and
safe treatment that is customized for their body so that they will have great results.”

Michelle is continuously taking classes to better meet her clients needs every year. This is a list of certifications Michelle specializes in:

        Swedish Massage
        Deep Tissue
        Sports Massage
        Understanding Spinal Pain
        Shoulder Dysfunction
        Releasing the Rotator Cuff
        Lymph Drainage Massage
        Thai on the table
        Fertility Massage
        Pregnant Woman
        Infant Massage
        Shiatsu Massage
        Spa Therapy
        Corporate Chair Massage
        Perfect Sense Lava Shell